Vegan recipes Veganuary 2022

What I eat in a day: Veganuary 2022

What I eat in a day: Veganuary 2022

What does your daily eating look like? Veganuary seems a perfect opportunity to share and learn more about others’ lives, and what I eat in a day posts are great for this.

My day’s food reflects my activities. Currently, I have a five month old daughter, who I breastfeed exclusively. Current advice in the UK is not to eat anything special while you’re breastfeeding. However, I found it tricky to find specific information about how other vegans eat whilst breastfeeding.

I am physically very active: we spend the day playing, doing house jobs, and I walk at a fast pace for at least an hour most days with my daughter in her sling. What I eat in a day therefore needs to cover my own base energy requirements, her energy requirements via my breastmilk, and any energy I burn whilst carrying her and walking.

I’ve included approximate nutrition information in this post, estimated using the Chronometer iPhone app. Within the estimates from this app, I meet or exceed all my daily requirements for nutritional macros, vitamins, and minerals. However, I am aware that I could always do better!

I eat intuitively, based on my own hunger levels, and try to eat in a nutritionally balanced way. Some times I am better at this than at other times. I keep an eye on my food intake, try not to be too strict, and do not weigh out or log my food day to day. I also weigh myself regularly, to check I am not losing weight.

I love to chat about food, but am not a doctor or nutritional professional, and the current post is not dietary advice: it is a food diary from a day of my life. If you have specific dietary questions or require advice, you should contact a professional.

What I eat in a day overall breakdown

Overall, what I eat in a day broke down as percentages of calories I consume as: carbohydrates= 50%; protein= 13%; fat= 37%. These are broken down further below.

The energy I currently consume is approximately 234% of Chronometer’s estimate of my basal metabolic rate, based on my height and weight. This is a lot of food, because I am currently burning a lot of energy.

Overall Energy: 2724.7kcal
Overall Protein: 88.6 g
Overall Carbs: 303.7 g
Overall Fat: 113.4 g

What I eat in a day: Breakfast

What I eat in a day breakfast: Wholemeal seeded sourdough with scrambled tofu

For breakfast, I ate wholemeal seeded sourdough toast (approx 100g) with scrambled tofu (approx 200g), made with Yutaka tofu.

Energy: 480kcal
Protein: 23g
Carbs: 63g
Fat: 15.9g

What I eat in a day: Lunch

What I eat in a day lunch: carrot and cashew soup, with a wholemeal cheese and onion toastie made with violife epic mature

For lunch, I ate a carrot and cashew soup (approx 250ml), with a wholemeal cheese and onion toastie made with Violife Epic Mature Cheddar (approx 40g).

Evergy: 504kcal
Protein: 14.8g
Fat: 23.7g

What I eat in a day: Dinner

What I eat in a day dinner:TVP chilli, nutritional yeast, and a chip cocktail

For dinner, I ate easy chilli (approx 220g), nutritional yeast (approx 2tbsp), and oven chips (approx 280g).

Energy: 765kcal
Protein: 31.6g
Carbs: 89.7g
Fat: 21.1g

What I eat in a day: Snack

What I eat in a day snack: nairns oat cakes with Tesco garlic and herb cheese, almonds, raisins, and a sliced apple.

For one of my snacks, I ate Nairns Rough Oat Cakes (approx 40g) with Tesco Free From soft cheese with garlic and herbs (approx 28g), almonds (approx 30g), raisins (approx 28g), and a sliced apple.

Protein: 13.7g 
Fat: 30.8g

What I eat in a day: Snack

What I eat in a day snack:Divine chocolate

For my second snack, I ate: Divine 70 % dark chocolate (approx 42g).

Protein: 3g 
Carbs: 14g
Fat: 19g

What I eat in a day: Other

I also drank Alpro Oat Original (approx 200ml), and took a Holland & Barrett Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral, and two Solgar Calcium Citrate tablets. These supplements ‘top up’ my daily intake. I am particularly careful of remembering to take them daily at the moment, as I am breastfeeding. Every time I have had blood tests recently, my readings have been optimal, even during pregnancy.

I’d love to hear about you, in the comments or on @wholemealmum or #wholemealmum.

What does your daily eating look like?


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