Three months old: Our baby’s favourite things

So far, at three months old, our baby isn’t really that interested in toys. We’ve been keeping a track of her favourite 10 things to date. Currently, these include:

1. Peepo!

Font cover of the book Peepo! By Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Our baby enjoys the rhythm of us reading, and looking at the pictures. She concentrates very hard, kicks, and waves her arms and legs around when we read to her. We have a few rhyming books, but this one is definitely a reliable favourite.

2. A bath

Our baby works very hard in the bath, and often ends up completely out of breath! She enjoys kicking and licking the water off her face and the sponge.

3. Being moisturised

A jar of coconut oil

After a bath, we coconut oil our baby top-to-toe and it makes her smile and coo. She licks the coconut oil off her face and hands (which makes us very glad that we are using something edible to moisturise her!).

4. My husband coming downstairs

Our baby hears my husband coming downstairs when he finishes work, and gives him the biggest grin.

5. Trees & leaves

A pile of autumn leaves

Our baby likes looking at the trees and leaves blowing whist we are walking, and also likes looking at them closer up. We love that she is interested in them. Autumn means there are a lot of really eye-catching and beautiful trees. We’ve picked up some of the fallen leaves and taken them home for her to look at.

6. Anything that is shiny/ makes tinkerbells

Three crisp bags

Our baby will look at a good floor lamp or ceiling light for hours at a time.

She finds light reflecting when we wouldn’t even notice it was there – crisp packets, the nappy bin, the surface of coffee, clean plates, washing up water.

7. Going for a walk

Our baby is very pleased to get into her sling, and enjoys the feeling of moving when we walk with her. I’ll talk more about her sling in a future post.

8. Being involved with jobs

A casserole dish of lentil soup

Our baby likes supervising me cooking, cleaning, and doing the washing. She smiles and looks, paying close attention. She likes to hear about what I’m doing, so I narrate jobs around the house whilst I’m doing them.

9. Music and singing

A line drawing of a smiley mum surrounded by musical notes

Our baby has been interested in music since she was a newborn. We sing baby songs and nursery rhymes with her, but also share grown-up music: the radio (she’s a big fan of Led Zeppelin, but doesn’t think much of Coldplay); and church music – this week she’s been smiling at the hymn ‘I heard the voice of Jesus say’.

10. Chatting and interacting

Our baby has recently found her voice and it’s great – she makes eye contact, smiles, and takes turns when we talk to her. Her chat currently sounds like cooing with the odd consonant thrown in.

I’d love to hear about your babies in the comments, or over on @wholemealmum or #wholemealmum!

Is there anything in particular they enjoyed / are enjoying at three months old?


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