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Our normal vegan grocery shopping list: Veganuary 2022

Vegan grocery shopping can feel a bit of a minefield. I think of Veganuary as the time of the year that fancy new vegan products are released. These products are great and often really delicious. In reality, I’m sure most vegans’ week-to-week shopping is not comprised exclusively of these products.

I wanted to show what our normal week-to-week vegan grocery shopping looks like. Both me and my husband are based at home full-time at the moment. We are very active people, and I breastfeed our five month-old daughter exclusively. The majority of our shopping is very unglamorous everyday foods and ingredients, that many people would recognise, vegan or not.

This post itemises our recent two-weekly vegan grocery shopping, for me and my husband, from Tesco, and is an approximation of all of our food and drinks for the two week period. It is an honest list of our groceries. To keep things authentic, I have not edited it to make us appear more healthy, budget-conscious, virtuous, or zero-waste than we are at the moment. There are many things about it I would change in an ideal world!

The total price of this vegan grocery shopping was £96.98, equating to approximately £24.25 per person per week. Without drinks included, this is approximately £16.33, per person per week.

Vegan grocery shopping: Carbohydrates

My husband and I are active people and eat a lot of carbohydrates. In particular, we eat a reasonable amount of bread and wheat / gluten.

Carbohydrates we bought were:

We also have a store cupboard stock of Scottish porridge oats, pasta, barley, and rice. We buy these in big bags every few months.

Total spent on carbohydrates: £12.11

Vegan grocery shopping: Vegetables and fruit

The majority of the time, my husband and I cook from fresh ingredients. We select fruit and vegetables that are as British as possible, which in practice can be tricky from a supermarket. Supermarket fruit and vegetables are plastic heavy, which we don’t love.

Fruit and vegetables we bought were:

We also keep frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and a bag of roasted vegetables in the freezer for when we run low on fresh fruit and vegetables.

Total spent on fruit and vegetables: £12.10

Vegan grocery shopping: Proteins

My husband and I tend to eat a lot of beans and lentils.

Proteins we bought were:

We also have peanut butter and pumpkin seeds in our store cupboard, and tend to buy these every few months in bulk.

Total spent on proteins: £11.50

Vegan grocery shopping: Fats

My husband and I largely use Flora and rapeseed oil day-to-day.

Fats we bought were:

I also have a bottle of hemp oil that I am currently using for drizzling e.g., on pasta.

Total spent on fats: £10.80

Vegan grocery shopping: Herbs and spices

Herbs and spices we bought were:

We also use salt, pepper, chilli powder, garam masala, and Marigold vegan bouillon.

Total spent on herbs and spices: £0.99

Vegan grocery shopping: Drinks

Drinks we bought were:

Total spent on drinks: £31.65

Vegan grocery shopping: Convenience foods

Convenience foods we bought were:

Total spent on convenience foods: £4.85

Vegan grocery shopping: Snacks and treats

Snacks and treats we bought were:

Chocolate appears on this list, which has an allergy warning ‘may contain milk’. I consider this to be vegan, as milk is not listed as an ingredient.

Total spent on snacks and treats: £2.99

Vegan grocery shopping: Other

Other items we bought were:

Paracetamol appear on this list, which contain non-vegan ingredients. I take paracetamol when I need to, and consider them to be vegan. This is in line with the Vegan Society’s definition of vegan: it is not currently practical or possible to exclude these if I am ill and need to take them as medicine.

Total spent on other: £7.09

Vegan grocery shopping: Household items

Household items we bought were:

Total spent on household items: £2.90

Grand total spending £96.98

The post isn’t endorsed or sponsored, Tesco just happens to be where we do our shopping at the moment. Prices reflect the RRP on the Tesco website on 04/01/22, and links to each item were tested and functional on 05/01/22. In practice, our shopping is often slightly cheaper than this, as we tend to take advantage of special offers and gear our shopping around these.

I’d love to hear about you – is this similar to your vegan grocery shopping, or different?


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