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Intentions for the year: 2022

I’ve never really been one for resolutions in the new year: I find it odd that overnight, we all think that habit change is easy. However, I do also love the idea of reflecting on or planning how we’d like things to be for the foreseeable future.

My brain is often running in several directions at the same time, often around themes of walking and spending time outside; parenting, baby and family; and vegan food and recipes. With this in mind, I’ve selected some intentions for each, for 2022, to see if it helps focus and quiet my pinball brain.

Walking & spending time outdoors

Being active and outdoors is really important to my energy and mental health, and I would love to continue to commit time to these in 2022.

I find that when things get busy, walking and spending time outside are often the first things to slide! Committing really helps me to prioritise things and keep them on my agenda. Based on this, I would like to:

1. Walk 1000 miles January – December 2022. I walked 1000 miles between March and December last year whilst pregnant, and found it really helpful for my physical and mental health. I would love to maintain this habit in 2022.

2. Spend 1000 hours outside January – December 2022. Whilst waking my 1000 miles last year, I spent just under 340 hours outside. I would love to extend this and also spend time outside that is at a slower pace. I would also love my daughter to grow up believing that consistent time outside every day is a normal part of life.

3. Sleep outside in a tent! Between one thing and another (pregnancy, a new family, the COVID-19 pandemic), me and my husband haven’t been away from home for a really long time. I love being outside and would love to camp in a tent with my husband and our daughter.

Parenting, baby, and family

I’ve loved having our daughter so far, and want to continue to find our way with parenting her in 2022.

So far, we have found that our approach to parenting is different from many other families that we associate with. I’d like to make sure we’re supporting her in the best ways we can. I’ve also found that my outlook has changed since having her, and am not sure I want to return to work in July, as I really value raising her. I am toying with the idea of becoming a childminder in the future, so that I can look after her and work at the same time. To help explore this, support her, and make our home environment as good for her as it can be, I would like to:

1. Learn about Montessori approaches.

2. Complete a childminder training course.

3. Complete the 30-Day Minimalism Game once per season.

Vegan food & recipes

We want to continue to feed our family no-messing vegan family food in 2022. To support this, I would like to:

1. Try a veg box. I would like to reduce our plastic use more than we can buying vegetables from a supermarket. I also would like to eat more seasonally. I don’t know if a veg box will fit in with our family’s life, but would love to try one to find out.

2. Try one new recipe each month. When we are tired, we fall into a pattern of making and eating similar things. I would love to make a consistent effort to try a bigger range of foods.

3. Sprout seeds regularly. I used to sprout seeds as a child, and loved it. I would love to grow and eat sprouts regularly. We live in a rented house with a ‘no veg patch’ clause in our lease, so this also is the closest we can get to gardening for now!

4. Bake bread regularly. I love the process of making bread, and feel great when I am doing it. I’d love to carry making a consistent effort to do this, this year.

5. Introduce our daughter to food. We are really excited by the idea of introducing our daughter to food. We plan to take this really gently in the first instance, alongside breastfeeding.

I’d love to hear about you in the comments, or over on @wholemealmum! Have you got intentions/ resolutions for the year?


Mother of a baby girl, born in July 2021. Finding my way with it all. Recipes, parenting, and walking.

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