Four months old: Our baby’s favourite things

It’s been a really busy month, with our baby getting bigger, stronger, more interactive, and more mobile. We’ve been keeping a track of her favourite 10 things this month. Some of these are the same as her favourite things last month, some are brand new.

Currently, our baby’s favourite 10 things include:

1. Singing

Our baby enjoys most music, and particularly enjoys it if we are too. Recently this has included ‘the little green frog’, Christmas music, and the Chordettes ‘Mr Sandman’.

2. Things to hold

Our baby has got the hang of holding things this month. Things she enjoys holding include a maraca, a big pom-pom, a kitchen spoon, and crisp packets that crinkle. She tends to hold items when she is laying on her back. If she drops them, she will shout until we give them back to her.

3. Having a chat

Our baby is really social and makes eye contact, smiles, and takes turns when we talk to her. Her chat currently sounds like cooing with occasional other ‘m’ and ‘n’ sounds thrown in.

4. Peepo!

Our baby loves books that rhyme, and this is her favourite. She has started sitting upright on our knees to read the books. She gets very excited, squeals, and taps on the book with her hands. Sometimes she grabs the pages and turns them over to the next one.

5. Walks in her sling

Our baby is still very pleased to get into her sling, and enjoys moving when we walk with her. She can see further, and has begun to really focus on objects that interest her e.g., a runner on the other side of the road.

6. My husband being nearby

Our baby loves playing with my husband. His presence is enough to stop her doing anything, because she just wants to smile at him.

7. Things to bite

Our baby has grown two teeth, and is exploring everything she can with her mouth. Her particular favourite item to bite is Sophie la girafe.

8. Her hat

Our baby wears her hat when we go out in the sling, and often sleeps. Sometimes she finds it easier to settle to sleep at home whilst wearing her hat, too.

9. Sliding down our knees

Our baby loves to perch on top of our knees and then slide down our legs toward us. It makes her giggle.

10. Anything we are holding  

Our baby is really interested in anything we are holding, and attempts to grab it with her hands: glasses, mugs, plates, spoons, and forks.

I’d love to hear about your babies! Is there anything in particular they enjoyed / are enjoying at 4 months old?


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