Five months old: Our baby’s favourite things

It’s been a really busy month, with our baby turning five months old, and getting bigger, stronger, more interactive, and more mobile. She’s started rolling, been charming us with giggles, and grown a tooth.

We’ve been keeping track of her favourite 10 things this month. Some of these are the same as her favourite things last month, some are brand new.

1. Peek-a-boo cloths

Our baby has started playing peek-a-boo, and will do this with anything she can get her hands on: muslins, table cloths, scarves, and even her own vest. We love it because it makes her smile the biggest, cheekiest grin.

2. Predicatability, normality, and routine

Our baby understands what our day to day life and routine looks like, and notices when things are out of kilter. For example, she will look for my husband when she hears his office door open, even when she is far away.

3. Items to lick, suck, and bite

Our baby will lick, suck, and bite almost anything she can reach, but Sophie la girafe is an ongoing favourite. She is now able to roll over to reach items and put them into her mouth.

4. Swiping items we are holding

Our baby will swipe for anything that we are holding: plates, knives, cups, glasses, and straws. Once she has obtained the item, she is often not that interested in it.

5. Repetition games

Our baby loves repetition games with me and my husband, where she has our undivided attention and the same thing happens over and over again. For example, she loves me holding her tight whilst saying ‘I will cuuuuuudle you! I will cuuuuudle you!’. This makes her smile and giggle.

6. Things she can hold

Our baby likes to grab and hold things. Her favourite thing to hold currently include interlocking links, maracas, and spoons.

7. Books

Our baby likes to grab and hold things. Her favourite thing to hold currently include interlocking links, maracas, and spoons.

8. An enthusiastic and positive ‘Good morning!’ in her cot

Our baby wakes up really happy, and loves us smiling to her in her cot and saying ‘Good Morning!’.

9. The rubber duck and sponge in her bath

Our baby enjoys batting, licking, and chewing the rubber duck and sponge in her bath.

10. Music and songs

This month, our baby’s taste in music has taken a turn for the terrible. The songs making her beam have been pure trash: the cheesier the better!

I’d love to hear about your babies! Is there anything in particular they enjoyed / are enjoying at 5 months old?


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