Dear diary… 12 months old

Dear diary,

Our daughter is twelve months old! We’ve had another busy month, and our (collective) feet haven’t really hit the ground yet. Our daughter has been walking, she’s learning a new word everyday, and she’s enjoying commenting on different things by pointing and saying ‘uh’.

This month has been a month of new beginnings: we’ve moved house, and we’re into our daughter’s second year in the word. There is a lightness that comes with finding new routines in a new place, and an overall sense of relief – something we’ve been working up to for a long time has finally happened.

New house

We got the keys to our first house, and moved our stuff over. Our daughter seems very at home here, which is great. We took her over to the house before we moved any furniture in, and she walked around the house pointing and saying ‘uh’.

Our unpacking is currently a work-in-progress. Our stuff is still in boxes, and there are limited hours in a day! So we’re currently choosing between daily life (new routines, cleaning, eating vegetables, etc.), and unpacking boxes.

We’re busy finding homes for things, thinking of possibilities (Vegetable growing? Building a shed? Sewing curtains?), and learning how to clean and keep a new space tidy. We’re also reeling with the amount of paper work that is associated with moving house – address changes, mail redirects, opening new accounts and closing old accounts. The only way we’ve found of dealing with this so far, stopping everything and changing the address on an account as soon as I notice.

New routines

My husband went back to work after we moved house, and our daughter has got the hang of ‘shoo-ing’ him back to work at the right times of day, wagging her finger.

We’re exploring cloth nappies, which feels really exciting. In our old house, we didn’t have space to think abut washing and drying nappies in our old house. We might not get on with them, but it feels exciting to have space to give it all a go.

Our daughter is also more a child, and less a baby. She is interested and quick, running across the house to follow any sound that interests her! In reality, this means that she is involved with everything I do – putting the washing in (and taking it out again!), sweeping the kitchen floor, taking the bins out.

Staying the same

Last month, we decided on some ‘settling’ routines for us all, which have kept some things the same.

  • Sourdough bread, which we make weekly, using this recipe. Our starter seems very happy in the kitchen in the new house, but I haven’t yet got the hang of the new oven. The oven in our old house was very hot, so I’m still working out the ideal temperature settings and cooking time.
  • Sprouting seeds. We currently have broccoli seeds growing on the windowsill in the new house, and they seem very happy there, which is great.
  • Reading stories to our daughter. Her current favourite is Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  • Our nap and nighttime routines. Our daughter is fighting nap time a lot at the moment, but recognises our routine: putting the blinds down, turning the fan on, laying down for a cuddle.
  • Getting out and walking, as part of the walk 1000 miles challenge. We’re currently up to 627 miles, which I’m really proud of. Our daughter walks with us, in her Tula carrier.We’re exploring new footpaths around the new house, and making new ‘no-thinking’ routes, where we can just put our shoes on and get out.

Anyway, that’s what we’ve got going on right now.

Lots of love,


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