best vegan sandwiches

My 10 best vegan sandwiches: Veganuary 2022

What’re your best vegan sandwich combinations? Lots of people struggle with sandwich fillings during veganuary, as many ‘classic’ sandwich combinations are based on meat and dairy. Vegan sandwiches can be a total joy – partly as they do not have to conform to classic combinations. In this post, I’ll share things to consider when making …

Oat and raisin cookies on a wire cooling rack

Easy oat and raisin cookies: Veganuary 2022

I love an oat cookie, and I love how easy and quick these are to throw together. These are your classic slightly soft and chewy cookie, and are delicious made with either raisins or chocolate chunks studded through them. If you are doing veganuary for the first time, these cookies would be great to make – for you, and your family and friends! The ingredients are fairly easy to get hold of, and are available in most corner shops where we are based.

Vegan double chocolate muffins

Easy double chocolate muffins: Veganuary 2022

Vegan cake is now more available than ever, but can cost a small nosebleed. This double chocolate muffin recipe is the ideal solution: these muffins are delicious, but also easy, cheap, and very swift to make. I’ve made them for a lot of people who didn’t realise they were vegan, which feels like the ultimate compliment.