Hello and welcome to the Wholemeal Mum! I am the mother of a baby girl born in July 2021.

My daughter has made my life brighter than I knew was possible – and I was already really happy! I’m doing my best to find my way in life and parenting. It’s a process, and I’m learning.

My brain is often running in several directions at the same time. Three of my favourite directions are vegan food and recipes, family and parenting, and hiking and walking.

On this blog, you can expect to find me writing about all three.

Vegan recipes & food

I love spending time in the kitchen and cooking. I grew up vegetarian and have been vegan for 19 years. I learned to cook cos premade vegan food didn’t exist at the time! Now I cook because I know what I like, and have strong opinions.

I make no-messing vegan family food.

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Parenting & Family

I live with my husband and our daughter, who are the loves of my life. We are based in a small town in the south of the U.K.

I breastfeed our daughter exclusively, and we have been babywearing since she was born. We try our best to make sustainable choices for our family. This often feels easier said than done.

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Walking & Hiking

I’m very physically active and love being outside. We’re hoping our daughter grows up to love being active outdoors, too.

In 2021, I completed #walk1000miles challenge March – December, whilst pregnant and a new mum. My daughter was with me every step of the way!

In 2022, I plan to walk 1000 miles again, and spend 1000 hours outside. I walk for physical and mental health. Nothing flashy or fast, just relentless. I do my best to get out everyday whatever the weather.

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I blog while my daughter is asleep. My husband helps me with some of the more technical bits of this blog, when I get stuck.

There’s probably a lot of other things I’ve forgotten to write, but I’m hoping that’s a good start. Follow along – I’ll be posting about all of the above and I’d love to hear your thoughts, too.