Vegan Baby Led Weaning Parenting

Starting solid foods: Weeks 14 and 15

During weeks 14 and 15 of starting solid foods, we focused less on our daughter’s food, and more on making sure we all ate a big range of foods. Our daughter ate a little food at the majority of mealtimes, but with less enthusiasm due to teething. She ate with her hands, and seemed to enjoy using a spoon less during these weeks.

Parenting Vegan Baby Led Weaning

Starting solid foods: Weeks 4 to 6

During weeks 4 to 6 of our daughter starting solid foods, we all got more confident, and began to feel that her starting solid foods was more a part of our routine. It was a big adjustment for us all to change from exclusive breastfeeding, where all our daughter’s food was served as part of a big warm cuddle, and no preparation or cleaning up was required. This adjustment took time.

Parenting Vegan Baby Led Weaning

Starting solid foods with our daughter: The first 3 weeks

We’ve had three weeks of our daughter starting solid foods now, and so it felt like time for a post about how we are going with it all. food, and keen to interact with it. We are really enjoying seeing her licking, batting, squeezing, and putting the different foods in her mouth.